Winging On

Peace is impossible

part of: Postcards to the World

by Celeste Roth

I realized that peace is impossible. Like fairness or perfection, peace is only an ideal. Peace is impossible because conflict is at the very nature of things. Whether it is plants competing for root space, animals competing for prey or people with competing ideas of how the world should be administered, conflict is inherent in us. In the world. In people. I’m sure you’ve noticed that even when you choose your own spouse or an affinity group of ‘like minded’ people, or even give birth to and raise your offsping, conflict still arises. This realization-the ‘never’ of peace- actually gave me a lot of hope. That it’s how we handle conflict that can prevent it from escalating. That can prevent people from getting hurt. We are then seeking competence, skills, not absolute peace. That I know how to do. That encourages me. It is how we handle conflict that can improve our lives. It’s not going to be peace that saves us.