Archer~ Blue Explosion

Phenomenological Report

part of: Definitions

by Madame Oracle

The complaints we lodge against each other, our leaders, our entertainers, whatever are so teenage. Why isn’t the world exactly the way I want it at all times? Who can I blame? Who can I cast out because if I blame, cast out, replace, then the world will instantly shift and be what I want it to be and in what measure and at what speed…duh.

How far from First Principles reality are any of those thoughts?

Can we grow up yet?

Right now. I. Mean. It. just grow up, just do it.


Of what does the world really consist? It consists outside our percepts and expectations of It….consists of Itself. That is my claim as a phenomenologist. In the end we are all phenomena happening right now within this Epiphenomenon we call the Universe. That is a whole lotta stuff of all kinds: atoms, molecules, energy, vectors, constellations, organisms, etc. dudes.

All we have of the world are our perceptions, and what we think and feel about those.

The World has Itself outside our perceptions. We try to project our own percepts back onto the Universe being Itself and ping thus that materiality is survivable given our present circumstances. That is what our bodies calculate at all times.,,,survivability under present circumstances. dudes. just how much info is there to be processed re: such?

To grow up is to successfully integrate the Info from circumstance into your goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, thoughts, emotions, and body such that your life goes smoothly within your community… because as humans, we generally live in communities. How many humans live totally alone with no other human support? We are interdependent with our communities. symbionts. givers and takers of what we need and want. living. breathing. loving. dying….and thence we know not, though dreams and imagination bear us with courage toward those unknown waters….