Quasar by Lamplight

part of: TechLords

by The Archives of Raynah

“You must let me love you fully, and completely ,” I whispered. He was there, standing by the wall, the light from a nearby streetlamp illuminating his purity of purpose, his stratified mind.
“We can’t be together forever,” I sighed into the seashell of his ear looming, tempting me to kiss, to suck, to claim.

“I know,” he sighed back, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t have what we can have!” he insisted.

The light and dark of the man, the way he stood balanced between his extremes, his passion so carefully controlled!

I loved him completely. All my cells in unison singing.

I stepped away, to feel the pull of him again, the gravity of his heart beating, setting my cells ringing in unison.

“Talk to me,” I felt with every fibre of my body.

I love words.

They are more aphrodisiac than the ultimate aphrodisiac, whatever that might be in the minds of people killing tigers and yaks for potency.
“Kill no one,” I thought. “Every moment is etched in my nerves more completely than silver halides for Niepce , as you are etched in me as you move exquisitely. Ah, the man who could understand that much about me would have me spinning in the palm of his desire like men once imagined the fulcrum of the world might spin.”

Control. Ah yes, the locus of control. How easy, how elusive!

For a moment the entire shape of my life spread out as a vision all around me. Quasar was there, a part of its fabric, standing by the wall in the light longing…..for what?

I knew it was some part of himself he needed to find with me.

Why? Was I safe? Unimportant? A passing fancy? Someone to encounter then move past….wherever it was he thought he was going….and he was going very, very fast.

We are all the locus of things turning, passing, coming into being.

Can we live with the weight of this responsibility?

This was something I often wondered.

“Love me in anyway you wish,” he laughed, then kissed me hard, pulled me against him until I could hardly breathe.

He meant it….and I did. I loved him then with the inferno that is my soul—- body burning with knowing…..yes, with my whole soul.

It was enough, for both of us!