Quasar Orphys

Quasar Orphys

part of: TechLords

by Lora of Many Generations

Quasar Orphys was born in the year 2140, pre-Raynah sentience (2159).

CEO, WinterCom, Board Member of TechLords (TL).

TL in the days of the 5th generation of Wanderers consisted of a loose alliance between Old Microsoft/SunSystems and a non-aligned network of Venture Cooperatives which established the first Earther colony on Mars. TL roused public sentiment to such a high degree that before the old United Nations gave way to EarthGov, a business branch modeled on their operational infrastructure was added to the traditional judicial, legislative, and executive branches of constitutional democracies.

Quo, as he became known in computer engineering circles, in collaboration with a Wanderer Venture Cooperative, designed key improvements in the Raynah biocircuits. These innovations which included the installation of Raynah’s planet-encompassing network of bio-based input/output nodes, are believed to have enabled zir transition to sentience.

Quo was also a connoisseur of Tribe*X* music modes, a lover of the history of philosophy, and a visual artist—this image is a self-portrait done in his 37th year.

Orphys’ son, Clinton, designed the first Raynah nodes used in trans-Space communication: LunarCom, first installed on EarthMoon, Luna, and later, Mars.