This Time Around

part of: Statement of Belief

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

I find myself completely neutral
in the matter of this coming Presidential election, and this surprises me to no end.
I expected to feel a massive push to vote for Obama at all costs,
but then I just looked at
1) If McCain wins
2) If Obama wins

McCain and Palin are an intensification of W, we might say W squared. So, that being said, what does that mean? W, the MacAttack, and Palin are a certain brand of person. They see themselves as no-nonsense, upright, in the right, and mean to prove it. That is a kind of mindframe that pits them against anyone who disagrees with them. Their actual ideology is important, of course: neocon-Cheney-think, which horrifyingly, they operationalize in the presence of said mindframe. Is it any wonder that the mindframe of the group of people they represent are electrified by their ideas, but those who don’t share that mindframe are violently opposed to them?

With Obama, it is a totally different story. He is a crucial crossroads figure, a symbol of all the people
who have come from previously oppressed classes: females and all ethnic groups who have been disenfranchised and enslaved by ruling groups throughout all of history. Obama represents the true rise of a meritocracy in this country. Hillary Clinton would have served this function just as well, but voters chose charisma over proven administrative skill.

So what have we got here?

We have two almost evenly divided sides in this country, both of whom are choosing their leaders for emotional rather than logical reasons.

In such an environment, logic is desperately needed, but sorely lacking. The MacPack stand for authoritarian aggression, not unlike political operators at the time of the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. The Obama Tsunami stand for enlightened democracy which requires educated, thoughtful, contributing members of society. This is key. Society is only as strong as its weakest link, so the social strategy of the Obama Tsunami is to shore up all individuals by enacting legislation which guarantees all members of society access to education, medical care, and all political, economic, and social strata based on meritorious actions. We might say the Obama Tsunami is driven by the value of each individual.

This issue of the value of the individual’s contribution to society could be perceived as a head-on challenge by W and the MacPack, but it hasn’t been. No, the MacPack’s strategy of portraying Obama as opposed to them in some hotbutton fashion is all they need do. MacPack supporters can be driven by such messages, even in the presence of compelling evidence which runs contrary to their portrayals of Obama. Interesting. That can assuredly be said of Obama Tsunamis as well. We’re all human. We have hot buttons. But back to the question of outcomes.

Where will the MacPack lead us? Well, probably to our iteration of Imperial Rome. It wasn’t all bad. It did delay the entry of the human race into enlightenment, though, because its methods destroyed society from within. It is the old argument, do the ends justify the means?

Let’s look at this from our current historical perspective. We have the histories of Athens and Rome to learn from. They might predict a rise and fall of the US Imperium. But I don’t think things will shake out that way, and this is why.

At this time in our history we have the internet and we are two hundred years into a seriously tech culture. Our global tech culture is now two generations old. Because of this, individuals around the globe are sharing information with each other mostly freely. Whatever any politician or business does is subject to random scrutiny and evidence taking from any individual so motivated to gather and share that evidence. Need I say blogs, Facebook, MySpace, insert web-com service of your choice?

There is a critical mass of empowered observers on this planet at this time. Who are these observers? This is an important question. You might imagine the Obama Tsunami constitute the majority of such observers, but if you look around, you’ll see such observers in the MacPack too. Indeed, you can go hook into lots of different observer groups on the net. They all monitor something different or see things in unique ways.

Fortunately, seeing is believing. Fortunately getting into the habit of observation is healthy. Unfortunately interpreting what we see is a human cognitive weak spot. Fortunately this weak spot is endemic and thus randomly distributed throughout all observers in all populations. If the MacPack wins, we take another 4 years of steps toward the US Imperium. If Obama wins we take 4 years of steps toward the world envisioned by Roddenberry and Straczynski. In either case, some observers in all camps will make pretty accurate interpretations of what they observe, some will make extremely inaccurate interpretations of what they observe, and some will do some variation in between those extremes.

Because we are where we are in human history, probably it doesn’t matter who wins, so long as you look at this from a historical perspective. Why?

The thrust for Imperium electrifies half of Us and the thrust to do whatever it takes to journey out to the Stars electrifies the other half. Whoever wins, we will do some combination of the above.

Oh, and some bad news for the MacPackers and their W Predecessors: You guys are trying to dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America, one of the most pivotal documents in history where human dignity is concerned. It joins the Laws of Hammurabi, the 10 Laws of Moses, and the MagnaCarta in the list of great documents that have advanced the cause of human dignity and value. Once these kinds of documents are in place, they hold fast even against tides of greed, hate, and fear. Someday we will look back on your attempts to undo the wisdom of our ancestors and we’ll take pride in their prescient, unassailable empowerment of all humankind!

Go and vote your conscience for Starman or MacMan on November 4, then vote your conscience everyday in every thought you create, every action you take. Say to yourself, “I am a member of the Human Race, here on planet Earth, blue among the Stars. For this I give thanks each day.” Hold on to the notion that no matter what, things are going to be okay.