Aimea Brokedown Angel

The Questions

part of: Cults of One

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

From the logs of Raynah Qwentalla, Friend of Earth

related by J’tara the Lonely

The earliest question I can remember was delivered by my mother: “Who are you?”

I was four. So, I said, “I am four.”

She was pleased with that answer, but said, “there is more. I will leave you to think on that for a time.”

That time wasn’t long. Every few weeks she would ask me the same thing. She hammered me with that question in hundreds of ways until I thought I would hate her forever. But one day, the answer came to me.

“I am myself.”

I was 14.

With that, mother was pleased. “Then go out and be just that.”

That is when my father started on me. “What are you doing with yourself,” he asked.

“I just finished figuring out I am myself!” I shouted.

“Not enough,” he laughed. “That is just the beginning.”

My head was spinning.

Then my aunt laughed, “Everything you do will change who you are.”

I wanted to slap her.

“What are saying?” I shouted.

They all laughed.

“It is a neverending circle, enjoy the ride.”