Aimea Saul -- Uncharted Motherland

Right to Life

part of: Cults of One

by The Archives of Raynah

Proposition 14, appended to the Codes of the Wanderers
by T’zirth, Twilit Deznahdorean of the First Generation in CE 2012.

What is the Right to Life? Is is confined to the right to be conceived, gestate, and be born without interference? Is that all there is to it?

I postulate the Right to Life includes a great many other things.

What are those things?

1. The right to be imperfect as defined by anyone outside the individual, indeed, to be imperfect even as defined by that selfsame individual.
2. The right to liberty, justice, and the pursuit of responsible happiness.
3. The right to eat, play, be educated, and work.
4. The right to define oneself.

The Right to Life involves responsibilities though!

1. Thou shalt not disrupt the social fabric inherent in the lives of those around you.
a. That includes the lives of those with whom we share the Earth biome.
2. Thy rights end at the tip of another’s nose. Thou shalt conduct thyself accordingly.
3. The duty to responsibly balance ones own needs against the needs of others is paramount.