Flame 22

Rise of the Cults of One

part of: Cults of One

by Lora of Many Generations

From the archives of Raynah, Friend of Earth,

The Last Testimony of Arthur, Nightwandering Ez Perjezlah of the Fourth Generation (2047–2148)
as recorded by Ur’Vashi of the Isles, Winter Solstice, 2148, C.E.

It is the best of times. Technology has advanced to within seconds of being able to feed, clothe, educate, and employ all those who desire such things in life. There is clean water and power, amazing medicines that prolong healthy life: replacement organs, gene therapies that have tamed cancer and other scourges. There is bioengineered food, created with the intention of preserving genetic diversity and answering the needs of specific micro-environments. We have bio-based super-computers programmed with the latest complexity equations that allow constructive interface with natural systems previously impervious to human understanding, and nano-machines that build everything we need from the ground up, including recycling of waste by-products of manufacturing! There is the Internet, which provides concourse between individuals at all levels of our global society.

It is also the worst of times, in fact, it has become the End Times feared by Christians as all the weak spots inherited from ancestral ways of thinking have caused many societies to simply unravel at the seams.

In paternalist societies, thousands of years of defining women as unimportant, intersecting with profound over-population and medical technology permitting gender selection of fetuses, in the presence of a will to power worthy of Herr Nietzsche himself, resulted in control of female lives from conception through death. Some were simply aborted at the fetus stage. Some were left to die in various kinds of servitude. Female mortality, especially during childbirth, is high in such societies.

The truth is females actually do have value. That value comes from their natural role as mothers, sisters, lovers, and the thought structures based on such. They provide critical balance to male striving which is essential. Ratio is all important. The current state of constant warfare eroding paternalist societies is clear evidence of what happens when that ratio is disturbed.

On the bright side, paternalist over-population problem is being solved. Paternalist numbers have plummeted in the last 25 years to less than 300,000,000. This condition of decline shows no signs of abating. As usual, the top echelons of their society live well, economically speaking, and do have access to the advantages I mentioned above. As yet, they see no reason to change.

A sad example is Africa. For thousands of years many African societies elevated the male above all other considerations, but there were traditions and taboos in place that allowed females a reasonable and secure status. However, European colonial adventuring and the imposition of their Christian beliefs reshaped African societies, leading to severe social consequences. In the past century. whole countries have fallen to starvation, slaughter and disease, victims of increasingly brutal mores; these operationalized by the unfortunate intersection of an hereditary system of tribal warfare with modern war-fare technology. Under these circumstances, only their top echelons continue to live well. The rest of the members of their societies suffer greatly. The total population of the entire African continent is now less than 200,000,000. No amount of aid from the Euro-Americano complex has been able stave off their suffering or decimation. As any counselor of substance-abusers knows, the crux of the problem is in the abuser’s own head. Until they make a change in their ways of thinking, their lifestyle won’t change, nor will the consequences for actions they refuse to stop taking. Efforts to spread information, education, and medicine continue and are working to create pockets of stability and hope.

As for the West and its passionate dedication to lucre…that continues until this day. It is so easy to let lucre convince you there is something worth killing and dying for. Millions continue to face off on both sides of all kinds of lines drawn in the sands of their minds—and ideas are as owned as stuff. The two chief instigators, the Muslim and Euro-US cultures, are as addicted to this way of being as an alcoholic is to the way of drink. Their populations have also declined for two reasons: 1) Outright murder – the killing – 2, 4, 24 – here, there, everywhere adds up after awhile. They are nickel and diming themselves to death. 2) More seriously, they are declining because living simply doesn’t shimmer anymore. Oddly, just when they can have things exactly the way they have always said they wanted them – virtually perpetual health, beauty, abundance of food, clothes, money (on the Euro-US side) or being left isolated with their traditional ways of life (on the Muslim side)—a huge majority have found they just don’t care anymore. Lassitude is their chief disease, one for which their magnificent technology or traditional ways provides no cure.

The balance of things is upset. This is the clue everyone needs to get. You can’t have just males or just females. You have to have both – free, healthy, fully functional on their own recognizance, in fact, you can’t have castes, classes, races, any social group that is rigidly defined and isolated from influence by circumstance. You can’t have just one ideology anymore than you can have just one kind of wheat. Biodiversity is necessary for a thousand reasons and one. So is diversity of thought, and that includes all the children of our thoughts—economies, political systems, cultural traditions – all the various ways we relate to each other. And finally, there is no such thing as unlimited growth. There are cycles of increase and decrease, expansion and contraction. These cycles are related to the whole of things. Instead of fighting cycles, we need to ride them, release into them, learn from them, let them carry us onward.

Until our societies realize these things, the consequences of our actions, regardless of technology or ideology, will continue to mount. The weak spots will continue to unravel, we will be torn apart.

Perhaps, in the end, for the sake of the biosphere itself, our current cycle of decline is not such a bad thing, especially for the sake of the human race. Maybe it will show us that our vast potential can only be realized when every life is succored within the context of us all.

As I stand here at the far edge of my own life, looking back, looking forward, there is slender hope right here in our own minds and bodies – built to be free to adapt within the biosphere we are just barely beginning to comprehend. Should we act from this truth instead of any other, we will find all the strength we need to take this best of times and come into balance. Then we can march forward, finally gift our progeny with the capacity to realize themselves fully as no other generation before us has ever done.