Escape from the Pipeline

Rise of the real Rangers

part of: Enter into the dialogue, just slip in...

by The Archives of Raynah

“Tana, when did scientists become Rangers of the Land,” Arthur asked.

“Not until the late 2040s, dear one!” she replied.

“That is when the love of the Land had taken hold properly, then,” the wee lad commented wisely.

“Yes, dear one,” Tana replied, noting exactly the same thing….the child had the ability to put things together quickly and accurately….as he ran off to toss a clod of earth at Lora. He always loved you dear, you know that!”

I replied, “I will never not know that,” to which Arthur and Tana exclaimed,

“of course we know that!”

Hugs were shared around.

as related to Lora, Twilit Majz of the Fourth Generation
by U’Jzur, Twilit Chandorean of the First Generation.