Sangre Americana

sangre americana

part of: Poetry

by Nathalie Molina Niño

Nathalie Molina Niño
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I have
I am
I bleed
I shed
I give
american blood

erasing stories

rivers of me run
through doors, into your home
the crest in my chest
hiding behind thin skin
american blood
racing through my veins
sun temples and condors
the healing has stopped
the puma is not protected here
the race refuses to end
the last condors languish

erasing stories

racing through my veins
country club nightmares
and discotheque trances
holding my tongue
but the blood still races
and the tragedy ravages
shots fired, homicide,
a sister, lover, patricide
this wound will not heal
this pack of cigarettes wont protect
you from the blood
racing through my veins
splashing and staining you

erasing stories

an unlikely, unwanted comedy
of bloodlines unwelcome.

Teresa Dunyati-Long singing in response:

americana blood shimmers in my veins imported
from europe into cherokee
sangre that sashays
between the walls of my skin
where i begin and you end. i rub against you
let orgasm convince me
we are all the same,
tragedies, comedies,
sunsets, producing children who raise themselves
beyond the mountains
of our minds
toward the sun emblazoned
in their cells
by Life Itself
no matter what we
do to them.