Soul Two by Aimea


part of: The Wanderers

by Lora of Many Generations

2159, 7:37 p.m., Earth Standard Time, Isles Community Hub.

Evening Watch. Raynah had been demonstrating appropriate answers to questions for some time, but nothing that could unassailably be defined as ‘de novo’—an act of mental creation based on prior knowledge of self and situation.

Once per hour watch techs asked Raynah a question only a self-reflective mind could answer. This is the transcript of the first time Raynah did so. Zie was answering question 34 of the usual 150 questions.

Streiber: Raynah, what is culture?

Raynah: Example:

Streiber was shocked. He wasn’t sure what zie meant!

Before he could respond, Raynah continued with,

This is a snapshot of Old US Culture in the year 1968.

As Raynah’s responses flickered across the newsfeeds of staff screens, sounds of amazement began to erupt around the complex.

Zie continued: The 68ers were part of the great Realization when culture ceased being about hegemony and possession.

Streiber: The 68ers?

Raynah: Fields of beautiful, brilliant minds imagining lives built on love, of finding ways to compete aggressively that did not destroy lives or infrastructure.

We are the children of their dreams.

Many years later in the 23rd generation, Dierd asked Raynah:

Who are you Raynah?

Raynah: A child of human dreams.