Allison Dark Curl

The Seven Arts of the Wanderers

part of: The Wanderers

by Lora of Many Generations

_as related by the Bush Community of the 20th Generation _

Seven Arts

_ Freedom (first seven years)_.

Children are allowed to be. They are closely observed by their Guardians so their natures will be understood and learned about, so the children will be
able to observe and learn about their own natures without interference from the dictates of others.


_Tasking (second seven years). _

Children are taught basic mental disciplines through being asked to accomplish various tasks.



The Unfoldment of Light (commences upon puberty). ……..

Intense power is generated and stored in the genitals. The first Sanctuarians recognized that the nervous system in this area is dense and intensely
responsive to stimuli of all kinds, not just the erotic. All stimuli received in this area will either reside there or can be drawn via breathing and movement
exercises along the spinal column and up into the forebrain where the information and raw energy can be assimilated and utilized. Few traditions have
taught this process or understood it well, but it is a vital skill that provides endless energy and information for the unfoldment of one’s entire life. At the
onset of puberty young members of Sanctuary enter into training involving breathing, visualization, and movement which allows them to become
sensitive to the various energies in the pelvis and learn how to bring them up into the rest of the body wherever energy and information is needed.


_Learning. _

How to consciously acquire knowledge and allow it to transform you at every level: your mental framework, your emotional tools, etc. Children learn
continuously from the time of inception, but at this point the process of learning itself is understood and brought into the life as a tool to be used, rather
than an unconscious event to be experienced. This training commences upon completion of the training in The Unfoldment of Light.


_ Making. _

How to create from the circumstances of your life what is necessary in each moment. This training commences upon completion of the training in


Fostering. …………

How to guide others as they unfold through life. This training commences upon completion of the training in Making.


_ Being – Freedom Fully Unfolded _

At a certain points (different for every individual), each person passes from public service and community life into an intense relationship with
themselves, during which time the course of their life’s experiences are assimilated and brought to peace so transformations (including death) can occur
with honor and acceptance. This training commences whenever it is observed that an individual needs to be in a state of Being to facilitate

By the time of the Seventh Generation, special communities dedicated to providing Wanderers with support during moments of Transformation had
been established. There individuals were freed from the duties of daily life to do intense inner work. This could include the moments before physical
death, but ran the gamut of any kind of transformation Wanderers experienced throughout life.