Sarah Scotland ~ Intrigue

Shadowdancer Chapter 28

part of: Shadowdancer

by Carrie Radna

Kenjaon had heard countless stories about humans who had disappeared into the Olo Forest forever, never to return. Many theories, such as enchantments and foul play, terrorized endless De’aiîo’ean smalls in several popular sleeping stories, causing the personal rift between their kind and the Aæriole’I to grow deeper. Humans, the trusting race that they were, would not understand their constant bitter resentment for each other. 
He knew that Frieda would eventually become an Aæriole’I sympathizer. Her nature was full of understanding, which would make her more accessable for them. This quality, that he found most attractive, could possibly turn out to be a serious problem, ruining their blossoming friendship, and perhaps her ability to return to Wýl, or become a warrior. That possibility was his worst fear. 
Amidst his thoughts, she spoke up,“Are you all right?”
He blinked his eyes and strongly answered, “Yes. I was just thinking…do you really want me to show you the De’aiîo’ean incision technique?”
“Well, sort of. Is it a secret?” she asked him. What is he afraid of? Frieda wondered. 
He straightened up in the waterwall.
“Actually, it is,” he informed her. Maybe this will curb her interest, he thought. To his dismay, she said, “I promise never to disclose your method,” she assured him. “Cross my heart.”
Kenjaon smiled weakly. There was no getting out of this. 
Humans have such strong hearts, he reasoned. He extended his arm, penetrating the waterwall curtain before him.
“Come closer,” he instructed. 
When Frieda stood on the outside edge of the waterwall facing Kenjaon, he continued, “I am going to briefly explain instead of actually showing you, since I don’t wish to knock you unconscious again, understand?”
“Completely. Do I have to lay down on the slab rock?”
“No need…now then, the first thing I would do after you go asleep is to fit you with an oxygen mask, since humans cannot breathe water.”
“Okay. Then what?”
“Then I would turn on the positioning detection laser, and aim it through your ear until it hits the speech section of your brain. It causes a rash within the external ear canal after prolonged use due to the radiation.”
“Which creates pain,” she added.
“Exactly. Then, after I that would manually record the map of your brain on this monitor, then comes the fun part – I would stick your entire head into the waterwall…”
“You can’t be serious!” she exclaimed.
“Very. While in the waterwall, your head becomes clear and soft instead of opaque and hard, and without your usual skin,” he told her.
“Oh my God…was I breathing?”
“That’s what the oxygen mask was for,” he laughed.
“Duh, that’s right.” She couldn’t believe that her head had become the same consistency as Jell-O. Before she could fully recover from that disturbing image, he went on.
“Actually, your head remained intact in its original form until I touched you.” 
“Really,” she answered.
“It was easy. I held the translator chip in my hands, touched your head, and the very instant it became fluid, I inserted the chip in the appropriate spot,” he told her.
That’s why my hand became slightly transparent in the hallway when he held it, she told herself. Now everything made sense to her.
“One more question…if the De’aiîo’ are the only ones that have to exist in a waterwall, why is this such a secret? Do the Aæriole’I live under water as well?”
“No,” he answered.
“Then why are you threatened by them?”
Kenjaon cleared his throat. In his own astute opinion, he felt that she was not ready to hear the real reason. Even though she was medium-sized, Frieda had a lot to learn still. He changed the subject, recognizing his own hunger.
“Say, are you hungry? I am.”
Instantly she remembered the emptiness of her own stomach. 
“Sure,” she answered dejected. 
He’s never going to tell me, is he?
They finally exited the Operation Room, both minds actively running, their bodies searching for sustenance.