Linda Allison ~ Skethaberd

Shadowdancer Chapter 30

part of: Shadowdancer

by Carrie Radna

Gilga, the elder healer and parent of Kenjaon, stood with an evil smile on his face as they came to meet him under the first tiered bundle that grew in front of the main hallway door. He started to laugh.

“My dear child, ‘tis a pleasure to see you. You are quite the human’s man, aren’t you?” Gilga commented. His voice could cut heavy curtains in half with very little effort.

This made Kenjaon wince; he became extremely uncomfortable. The mood between the two of them was always cool and controlling. He hated it when Gilga pointed out his inability to transform into female. Kenjoan had felt stunted and humiliated all of his life—he was only a male amidst a sea of multiple-sex changers. He could not help being who he was. As he matured, he became more confident, thanks to his mastery of the art of surgery. But every time he would begin to feel more comfortable, Gilga had the impeccable timing to show up out of nowhere and remind him what a freak he was—even when all the others had forgotten…

Now Frieda’s honor was at stake.

This conversation will not end easy, he thought. He instantly felt sorry for Frieda as she dealt with Gilga. She should not be here…

“She’s just a patient of mine,” Kenjaon spoke aloud, annoyed.

Frieda turned to Kenjaon, confused but also annoyed by both of the responses.

“Wait a minute—what does he mean by that?” she asked, gesturing to Gilga. “Does he think that I’m easy?”

“Apparently so,” Kenjaon answered. Then Gilga opened his mouth again.

“What does the incredibly small human mean—‘he’? She must have a green Woma for a brain. I’m not a ‘he’! I’m not a freak…like you!” Suddenly, Gilga transformed from masculine to feminine, which shocked Frieda.

“You are so vulgar, Father,” Kenjaon yelled, crossing his arms and rolling his eyes in protest. He secretly wished Frieda did not see that, but there was nothing else that he could do to rectify the tight situation.

“Mother!!!” Gilga screamed in a higher timbre.

“Oh, sorry. My apologies,” Kenjaon answered, which he did not mean. Gilga turned towards Frieda, saying, “See, honey? This is what a real De’aiîo’ean is, both male and female at zir whim. We have the power to shape ourselves to match any situation, especially for sex. I could see why my son would be interested in you: for your beauty and innocence. Have you had sex before?”

“That’s none of your business,” Frieda answered, becoming angrier by the minute. She tried at first to keep calm on the outside, for Kenjaon’s sake and her own.

“I knew it; you’re a virgin!” he mocked her. Gilga then addressed Kenjaon, “It doesn’t surprise me, Kenjaon, that you usually like them small, both physically and mentally. Luckily she’s not experienced in the ways of love, for if she were, she would be very disappointed in you because you can’t change gender. That’s what all humans want: variety. And they are all stupid because they will never understand how we can satisfy them; they can barely satisfy themselves!”

“Just because I am not able to transform into a female, Gilga…”

“Mother,” Gilga corrected Kenjaon.

“Whatever…let me finish talking for once, please!” Kenjaon screamed.

“Fine,” Gilga coldly replied.

“Just because I am not able to change genders like you and anyone else, Mother, it does not mean that I am not able to relate. This human is my friend as well as my patient, and she’s not stupid. So please give her the benefit of the doubt…”

“Why should I? She’s another one that you want to seduce, that’s all. It’s not like she’s one of us,” Gilga curtly answered as she, or zir, transformed back into his masculine form.

“But you seduce humans as well—Father!”

“That’s different…”

“Why is that? Because I am your son? And you alone created me by merging your genders together?” Kenjaon wrung his hands together as he waited for Gilga to answer. After a dramatic pause, his parent said, “Yes.”

Kenjaon shook his head. He could not win this argument, and it agitated him.

“You are impossible,” he commented as he started to pace around. Gilga was delighted to get his goat again. He would not have believed it possible that his son was a better surgeon than he was, even if Kenjaon had not had the disability that had caused Gilga regret and shame. Kenjaon was a brilliant surgeon, but Gilga had taught him everything that he knew about the healing arts, meaning that thanks to Gilga, the Master, his son would always remain a page in training in his mind.

While watching the argument, Frieda grew very protective of Kenjaon. No one, not even his parent, had the right to cut him down. Kenjaon was wonderful in her eyes and heart, and she knew that it was now her turn to defend him. As Kenjaon paced to calm himself down, she spoke to Gilga.

“I agree with Kenjoan that you are impossible.”

Gilga started to chuckle. “What am I hearing? She speaks!”

Frieda approached Gilga, staring into his eyes fiercely.

“Yes, I am capable of speaking. And I suggest that you stop talking, because I have something to say.”

Whoa, this female is serious, Gilga said to himself. However, he remained confident. She doesn’t scare me…

“Go ahead Honey,” he answered.

“First off, I have a name, and it’s not ‘Honey’. It’s Frieda Anderson. Second, I am not interested in your son romantically or sexually. And me being a virgin is none of your business. Third, I have enough brains to know that you are a complete asshole!”

Gilga started to soften. He did not dare say a word. Frieda continued, “I do not want to hear any more of your bitterness and your shit, and neither does Kenjaon. He is a wonderful being, and you should stop feeling sorry for yourself for having a ‘cripple’. Kenjoan is not a cripple. He saved my life and countless others like me who were sucked into this place to begin with. You should be proud of him.”

Kenjaon finished pacing and held his head strangely as if he was listening to some music playing in his ear. He was oblivious to the both of them.

She continued on, not noticing Kenjaon’s odd behavior.

“Gilga, if you don’t have anything nice to say to either of us, then I suggest that you leave.” Frieda had zero tolerance for bullshit and hatred. She wondered what Kenjaon was thinking. Unfortunately, his mind was on some other matter…

Without uttering a single, solitary sound, Gilga obediently turned and walked away, leaving the garden. He was deeply impressed by her. Frieda reminded him of another strong female he knew before when he was smaller. Her name was Tarimadiandro, a half-human, half Crumatibian who currently resided in Thíä-ei’r.

Will she impress Tarimadiandro as much as she did me? Gilga wondered while walking to the eating area. Meanwhile, as Frieda turned towards Kenjaon, he suddenly quickly walked away without giving an explanation, leaving her alone and troubled in the garden.

Frieda didn’t know what to do…his reaction was so unexpected…

I should had kept my big mouth shut, she told herself.