Linda Allison ~ Dark Curl

Episode 10: Nervous Energy

part of: The Shadowed Ones

by Jeff Beardwood

Related by Katia, Twilit Deklamohedrin and Deznahdorean of the Wanderer Fourth Generation

I await a dinner date
With my terrorist friend.
Who says life is mundane?
Swirls around me.
The tornado threatens
To touch down.
All horizons
Have that black and olive hue
Power and Beauty
Danger painted across the sky.
For days now
I fidget too much
Have slept poorly
Am barely able to meditate
Though the clan house
Has never been cleaner
Here in the last hours
Before he arrives
Exhileration wanes
Is slowly overtaken
By weariness
My Heart
My Mind
Rubbed raw
By the friction of nervous energy
Vibrating wildly within me
For days
Grating against
The rhythms of my normal life
I sit,
Slouch even,
Feel the tension draining
Into the chair, the floor
Feel the vibration
Become still
I close my eyes
Could easily fall asleep now
But choose instead
To write these words
Until the doorbell rings