Eagle Mind

Shekina's Journey

part of: The Hidden Land

by Lora of Many Generations

related by Lora, Twilit Majz of the Fourth Generation

Johnmarro jumped back in electric shock. A surge of iridescent light bathed the interior of the shrine, and suddenly Moira stood in the center again. She seemed a little disoriented, but then clarity returned to her eyes.

The rest of the Wanderers had gone after Robert. When Moira disappeared, he had run from the building and disappeared somewhere in the heavily wooded grounds of the shrine enclosure.

Johnmarro walked uncertainly up to Moira and touched her shoulder. She was shining from within, yet concern was in her eyes…indigo blue concern.

“Where is Robert?” she asked.

“Well, he ran out. He really freaked into another zone when you disappeared” Johnmarro replied.

“Yes, I know,” Moira replied. “Such things are the consequence of shaky faith. I hope he can create certainty within himself someday.”

“You know?” Johnmarro asked, raising his bushy eyebrows in amazement.

“Yes….it is a long story. Let’s go find Robert and we can all talk,” Moira said.

“O—Kay,” Johnmarro said slowly.

“I think I know where he has gone,” Moira said. “Where are the rest of your group?”

“They went to look for Robert,” Johnmarro replied.

“Well, let’s gather them up. It is unlikely they will find him, and he is unlikely to respond until he returns to this zone,” Moira said, looking up in sudden, unexpected, mischievous humor at Johnmarro.

“O—Kay,” Johnmarro repeated slowly, eyeing Moira intently.

She seemed shifted, different, more resonant, more expansive, yet by far more mysterious than she had seemed before.

“So….what happened,” Johnmarro questioned.

Moira looked at him deeply. “It would be better if we all sat down and I went over it then….it was….intense,” she finished, realizing how difficult this was going to be to explain.

“I haven’t had a chance to explain it to myself yet,” she went on. “I should probably just go somewhere and sit with this for awhile, but I need to find Robert first.”

“Sorry,” Johnmarro said. “You can imagine how we all feel about this.”

“Yes,” Moira replied. “Yes I can….I need to take a three-day deep breath myself.”

“Right,” Johnmarro smiled. “Me too.”

Moira and Johnmarro set off down into the dense woods around the shrine.

A late afternoon sun shone down through high clouds gathering.

Along the way they called out for the other four Wanderers until they were all together.

Then, Moira led them out of the sea-side of the enclosure, down the heath and to the edge of the water. Along the stony beach they spied a cave entrance. There sat Robert, brooding.

“Robert!” Moira called sharply. Robert started, looked around swiftly. Seeing his sister standing by the heaving surf, he jumped straight up and ran to her, swallowing her in a tight embrace when he reached her. The five Wanderers, awash in their own emotions, no less turbulent than the glowering sea, watched. No one spoke.

Robert and Moira stared into each other’s eyes, breathing together.

“Everything is alright,” Moira said softly at last. “Everything is as it was said it would be in the tales passed down to us by our ancestors.”

Robert just stared at her, seeing the truth in her eyes. His cautious nature still held, but belief sank in a little deeper.

“Thank the Universe,” Moira thought.

Turning to encompass the others with her words, she said, “We must all hold fast now to what we have been taught, to what we know of ourselves. Things are going to move swiftly now. That for which we have prepared is at hand. All that remains is to walk the path. Come, I must rest and reflect on what has happened. I will reflect for three days. Then we will talk.”

The Wanderers wanted to argue, but they held back. There was wisdom in reflection.

For three days Moira wandered the paths of the shrine, meditated by the sea, and dreamt.

For three days Robert bathed the shrine, polished its floor, washed the rugs in the cottage, baked bread, and brooded.

For three days the Wanderers walked the heath, crouched beneath trees, contemplated moss, dreamt their own dreams, breathed out impatience, breathed in relaxation.

On the evening of the third day they gathered by the fire in the cottage. Fresh black bread and white rolls were on the table. Steaming coffee and tea were there and cold water. They saw honey and blackberry jam, a block of cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes and apples, and hot potato soup.

“Eat,” Robert said.

As they ate, Moira opened out her tale.

“The Hidden Land exists,” she began.

“How do you know you were in the Hidden Land!” Robert interrupted.

Moira laughed. “Well, wherever I was, it wasn’t in the shrine, was it?”

“No,” Marcia said. “You were not in the shrine.”

“What did you see?” Kendra asked.

“Trees, birds, sky, moss, water, air, people,” Moira summed up.

Her six companions just stared, taking that in.

“People?” Marcia asked.

“Yes, six people,” Moira replied.

The look in Moira’s eyes as her mind wandered back into those foreign minds stunned Marcia. Whatever or whomever Moira had encountered, their minds were unlike any Moira had ever felt before. Shekina saw it too and leaned forward, fascinated.

“Okay,” said Maria, “Let’s just have a bald narrative of what happened.”

“No interruptions, please!” Shekina said, a trifle emphatically while looking at Robert pointedly.

Moira laughed gently, then described exactly what had happened with her.

When she was finished, the seven listeners just stared. Marcia said, “I feel like I need three more days just to figure out what to ask.”

The rest laughed nervously and agreed.

“What do you make of this, after your three days of cogitation,” Robert asked at last.

“We should all go there, one at a time,” Moira said.

Shekina leaned forward eagerly and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Moira laughed. Marcia stood up and began pacing excitedly. “When should we start,” she asked. “Tomorrow!”

Moira laughed again. “Why not.”

“Wait a minute,” Robert exclaimed. “Just a minute. Do you trust these aliens, Moira?”

Moira looked into Robert. He saw that she did.

“We don’t really know anything about any of this, do we?” Robert continued.

“No, we don’t,” Marcia said. “We know jack, but so what? Let’s go find out!”

Shekina smiled, that was their Marcia….always ready to blaze out on the adventure trail.

“What chance is there any one of us could get stuck there….wherever it actually is?” Johnmarro asked.

“I haven’t got a clue,” said Moira. “There might really be a planet on the other side of the sun. I’ll tell you what though, I’ve never seen or heard of birds like I saw there, I never saw a grove of 700 ft. rowan trees before, and I’ve never seen any people like the ones I saw there. They didn’t feel evil or, disharmonized. They felt safe. The land felt safe in a way I’ve never experienced a feeling of safety here. That much I can tell you.”

Robert pondered that for awhile. He didn’t really trust many other people or things, but he did trust Moira. If she felt it was appropriate to explore this situation further, he would follow her lead.

“Alright, then who should go next,” Robert asked.

Moira looked around the circle. Marcia and Shekina were panting to go. Johnmarro and Kendra were a little scared. Maria was waiting. Robert was reluctant. Shekina was older and more experienced than Marcia in using energy, but Marcia had the deeper native talent and immense desire.

“It seems like you two really want to go,” Moira said, indicating Marcia and Shekina with her eyes.

“Oh yeah!” Shekina enthused.

Marcia nodded quietly, her eyes burning with that intense desire.

“Well, which one of you want to go first?” Moira asked.

Shekina and Marcia looked deep into each other.

Shekina felt Marcia’s surge, an inexorable wave of wanting, the kernels of questions for the aliens forming already.

Marcia felt Shekina’s strength. She had already resolved on a single question. Marcia felt the centrality of that question to everything else that needed to happen. “You should go, Shekina,” she said at last.

Shekina let out a deep body sigh, her eyes alert, her heart firing. She nodded gravely. Moira saw the deep warrior in her soul rise up. “The white angel of death come to channel balanced dissolution,” came the words directly into Moira’s heart. Stunned, she could only stare at Shekina for a long time and wonder what that could possibly mean. As she wondered, she saw the Earth lying open beneath the sun, the moon revolving merrily, clans wandering here and there, no cities, clean waters, clean hearts. Was this the future, or the deep past? Finally, Moira said, “Well then, it is settled. The best times to travel are at dawn and at dusk. We will send Shekina through the Gate at dawn tomorrow.”

The Wanderers and Robert swallowed dryly, drank tea and coffee, watched the sun set, gathered themselves into deep meditation in preparation.

Shekina sat alone by the ocean breaking into the ancient sea cave. The moon rode up and down. She felt no need of sleep, only deep reflection. Her choice of Way had been made when she was a small child. She felt the call to be Ez Perjezlah and serve her community in that capacity when she was only three. She was good at sensing delusion, the deviation of inner energy from true expression brought on by denial, deception, wishful thinking, cruelty, jealousy, greed, confusion, any kind of manipulation at all, however small. But to guide the individuals of her community toward her own deep understanding, how could this best be done? She felt the power at the heart of her task was dissolution, but dissolution worked not just in the individual, but for the good of all. Though she was relentless in her own self-examination, dissolving manipulations right and left, how could she be sure her guidance worked for the good of all? The whole history of the human race lay in the choices of individuals that were applied across the board to everyone in an ongoing attempt to control the deleterious effects of energy manipulations…and the results had been chaos, injustice, disruption. Understanding and the good of all had never been obtained. The Wanderers struggled with just this same issue, this same process was already at work in their communities, though they applied nothing across the board. Dissolution seemed too great a power for anyone to wield successfully. “The knowledge of good and evil,” came a thought out of nowhere to Shekina. “Adam and Eve fell over that one big time, stumbled, tumbled down the hill and broke their crowns. We are no nearer an understanding of how to wield dissolution than we have ever been,” she thought sardonically. “I will ask these aliens this question, show them this understanding. Perhaps they will have something of value to offer.”

Collecting these reflections deep into her gestalt awareness, she breathed slowly, deeply, as the quiet hour before dawn arrived. Arising, she walked back to the shrine, pacing rhythmically to steady her heart. When she got to the shrine she saw Moira and Robert were already there, their breath rising in great puffs of steam.

“We are dragons biding our time,” she thought.

Moira felt the dragon spirit of Shekina approaching long before she saw her come out of the early morning mists.

Behind her on the path walked the other four Wanderers.

It was time to visit the Hidden Land again.

Assembling again in the shrine just as the sun’s first fingers caressed the white stars of dawn, the Wanderers, and Robert and Moira took their places. Shekina stood in the center.
She looked deeply into each person: Moira with her deep, complex compassion, Robert with his questions and his strength, Marcia with her sensitivity and common sense,
Johnmarro with his erudition and understanding, Kendra with her openness and healing touch, Maria with her inner fires stoked high. She trusted these people all the way down into the cellular reality of her bones. It shocked her briefly to realize how quickly she had come to trust Robert and Moira….then she relaxed as the chanting and breathing began.
Looking up, the swoosh did indeed come.
Shekina found herself staring at the trunk of a huge rowan tree. A soft breeze tickled her hair up around her face. Birds were singing. She felt them behind her…six clear, calm, open . She greeted them quietly in her own mind. She felt them smile as she did.

She felt like a lost child in a fairy tale, opening her eyes from the back of a gleaming white horse who had just carried her far from everything she knew and opened before her starlit a world of surpassing clarity…a place comfortable manifesting infinite possibility.

She turned around slowly, drinking in the moment deeply… “greedily,” she thought. “Harmonize yourself girl!” she commanded….breathing, settling her heart. She let her eyes stay on the ground, the brilliant green of the moss at her feet. Yes, there were the indentations Moira had described. At last, she let herself look up.

There they were, just as Moira had witnessed them….six people with skins of blue, cream, soft black, green, copper, citrine. Their gaze met hers. They were as amazed and delighted as she! She breathed them in, opened her heart. She felt their deep regard, examining every molecule, every nerve impulse. She knew all she had to do was unfold within they would know what she knew. She knew all she had to do was watch within and she would know what they knew.

The power of this place was staggering indeed. Every thought, every feeling was magnified twenty, thirty times! She felt the trees around her thinking, drinking deep of the soil and water, laughing power out of their leaves…power that coiled around the birds and sank down into her own heart, uplifting her, spreading her energy out until she could feel the whole planet in that sweet, sweet spot on the opposite side of the sun from cousin Earth. “The Hidden Land vibrating sweetly,” she thought. Though she would walk the rest of her days in the Wayward Land, becoming the result of her time here, she would never cease hearing this passionate, clear, deep symphony. It kept her strong as she performed her life tasks for many, many years.

Watching within she felt the six collaborating over her, examining her energy, absorbing her question. Their eyes were serious, laughing, kind, considering.

“You are such serious children,” she felt.

They immediately all giggled. “Yes, we are, aren’t we,” came the dancing voice of the breeze mind. She felt tickled within, and giggled herself.

“You are a serious one,” the midnight voice echoed.
“Laugh more!” came the voice of citrine crystal, shaking her slightly with its timbre and vibration.

“Yes, lighten it up! You are not responsible for All, just for letting All come through you unimpeded!” the laughing sky voice concluded.

“What do you mean?” Shekina inquired quietly, her mind opening in readiness to feel the answer.

“You want, do you not?” a voice as springy as new grass asked.

“Want?” Shekina queried, opening further.

“Right from wrong, clarity from delusion, kindness from cruelty, compassion from ignorance,” came the crystal vibration.

“Yes,” Shekina said, feeling the saying as an admission….an admission. This startled her most profoundly.

“Yes,” echoed midnight. “Let go of that, that wanting, and dissolution will proceed according to what is needed, not wanted.”

“This is the wrinkle to be smoothed out!” rushed the voice of eagle wings in her mind.

“Sometimes cruelty is called for, sometimes delusion….do YOU know the times and places for each?” asked the grass.

Something in Shekina rebelled at that. “No,” she answered firmly, looking deep within at the source of her rebellion. One of the minds grinned in satisfaction.

“No, none of us do, though we wish we did.” echoed midnight.

Shekina considered this.

“Do you know when to point out and when to remain silent?” asked the grass.

“Shouldn’t all things seen be pointed out?” Shekina asked.

“All in good time,” replied the eagle… “but not before!”

“And certainly not after,” came the crystal.

“Smooth the wrinkle of wanting,” the eagle soothed. “Let the vista unfold within without its guidance, and what is needed from you in the world will become so clear, even if you do not understand, even if you disagree!”

“I see,” Shekina stammered, “sort of!” She had never realized how firmly she believed in certain outcomes as the only really positive solution.

“That’s right, let go of that and dissolution will flow through you and bring unconscious balance to all the forces present,” midnight expanded.

“Is this what you do here, to keep this place so clear?” she asked.

“It is, and it isn’t easy. We all want. We all confuse want with need. Our examinations, our choices keep us clear in the face of these things. We make the examinations and the choices that sort want from need every minute of every day. There is no other way,” came the tickle of the breeze.

“It is a lot of work!” laughed the rush of eagle wings.

“So, what of want?” Shekina asked. “Should we not want?” She thought of all the philosophies and religions of the world that cursed wanting, hamstrung the expression of desire, yet want and desire ran rampant, cursing and hamstringing humanity in return.

“Ah….want…..the bloom of desire heady in the heart….they are the awareness of potentials, gorgeous, seductive potential calling you down all the walks of Life toward what might be. Let them live in your hearts. Nurture them there carefully. Watch them unfold and prune them with need,” counseled the eagle.

“Prune them with need?” Shekina asked.

“Need felt in the marrow of your bones and nowhere else,” came citrine.

Shekina felt her mind whirling, like a dervish, the black skirts of her feelings opening out around her, encompassing all she had heard.

“You are ready to go home,” came the tickle of the breeze, curling up from the base of her spine, blowing deeply through her mind.

“Yeah, I think so,” Shekina replied.

“Return anytime,” a voice like cool, deep water invited.

“Yeah, I think so,” Shekina mused.

The six minds wrapped themselves in deep hugs around her.

“Prepare then sister,” they chanted.

Shekina turned around and looked back up the rowan tree toward the sky of the Hidden Land. There were two white moons shining there.

The swoosh took her as she breathed out in wonder….

to be continued…..