The Wanderers

The Six Ways of the Wanderers

part of: The Wanderers

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

Six Ways of Being from “The Codes of the Wanderers”
As recorded in Raynah Qwentalla, Friend of Earth

In the days of the 2nd Generation, the Wanderers formulated their Codes – Ten primary Guidelines for personal development believed to maximize individual participation in society. Their Ways of Being are particular societal niches in which individuals are trained and employed.

It is the custom of Wanderer culture that each individual chooses their own Way in their own time. Individuals can change their Way at will, though in general, this is an unusual occurrence. In keeping with Wanderer tradition, names or ‘nomen’ were adopted that differentiate Wanderers from their parent culture, the Euro-Americano Cultural complex. These are the Six Ways of the Wanderers:

1 Deklamohedrin
2 Ektazian
3 Chandorean
4 Ez Perjezlah
5 Majz
6 Deznahdorean

1. Constructionists (Deklamohedrin)

These are the bedrock of Wanderer culture. These are logistics experts, craftspeople, detail-oriented organizers who execute systematic endeavors in the world. They are the masters of making things. They are most passionate about things that can be seen, touched, measured, and worked with directly.

2. Balancers (Ektazians)

These individuals work to bring the mind, heart, body, will, and spirit of living beings into balance. Ektazians are rectifiers of anything out of balance.

3. Transminders (Chandoreans)

as related by U’Jzur, Twilit Chandorean of the First Generation

Transminders are able to comprehend diverse individuals. They recognize that each individual’s conceptual and emotional experience is unique. Transminding requires Chandoreans to understand their own minds in order to detect the patterns in other minds. Transminders are conversant in many languages : the language of Love; Commerce; Conflict, Art, Medicine, Mathematics, as well as English, Swahili, etc.), Chandoreans are diplomats, arbiters, and the ultimate communicators. They create strong bridges of understanding between individual Wanderers; forging unity from diversity.

A Chandorean Wanderer must possess the Patience of the forces of erosion; relentless and enduring; wearing away at resistance. They must value and embrace Trust and must have as a first response the impulse to Listen rather than speak, for there is no surer path to understanding.

As a worker, a Chandorean’s job is largely harmonizing conflict. It is a magnificent power to walk into a room filled with conflict and to embody calm so strongly that calm ensues for those present.

Chandoreans sense the thoughts and emotions of those around them as musical instruments, resonating notes that create chords, chords that create melodies. Chandoreans allow themselves to be moved by this music so they may harmonize their own melodies with it.

4. Thought Masters (Ez Perjezlah)

These are the Guardians of Clarity and Choice. The Boundary Masters are among the most sensitive and highly trained Wanderers. They protect the sanctity of choice by offering themselves up as the ground within which other individuals can come to an understanding of their own strengths and limitations, thereby enabling them to make more constructive, conscious choices. In order to be effective, the Ez Perjezlah must fully experience the individual with whom they are working. These hardy individuals navigate the seas of emotion and the structures of thought within their partner and hold the line of choice and clarity.

Any member of the general population who wishes to enter into a Wandering community must undergo a year of experience with an Ez Perjezlah in order to investigate their strengths, limitations, and weaknesses.

5. Transformers (Majz )

In every generation many are born who replicate what they have been taught and what they have experienced, but some are born who transform what they learn and what they experience so that something new emerges, something guided by that individual’s Dreams and the Dreams of the Deznahdoreans. From those Dreams that best serve the needs of their Time, Majz create vehicles of thought, thing, and imagination which take their society from the known to the unknown, thus, expanding human frontiers. They navigate easily between the world of imagination and reason, between what is and what might be, between the conscious and unconscious realms of human thought and emotion.

6. Dream Masters (Deznahdorean)

For a Dream Master, Dreams exist not as a distraction, but as a means to an end. That end is creation—the drawing into being of things that previously existed only in the collective Subconscious – the shared implicit realms of human Mind. The Dream Masters sift through and organize these deep structures into pure symbols: the greatest mathematicians, mystics, and artists are such people. They experience the world in terms of fields and lines of force, not only on a personal, but a community level. This requires the elimination of all wishful thinking and the projection of their personal desires onto the world, and a total commitment to the good of All. It has been said of the Deznahdoreans that they sit in the Void (the unmanifest) and watch the arising of All Things.

In Wanderer society there is another Way of Being which is considered a negation of Being. Wanderers believe Life creates The Field of Choice, and that Life calls each person to a particular Way by virtue of their genetic and cultural heritage. Those who avoid this call with distractions of various kinds are referred to as the Refusers—those who refuse the Inner Call.