Smokey Joe

part of: The Wanderers

by The Archives of Raynah

Smokey Joe fell down out of the wagon.
The dirt was hard and cold.
Wyomin in the wintertime
Doentcha know?

He was down and out about five seconds
More or less due to the boot he took to the head. But
He shaked it off fast, whipped to standing and dead-eye shot
The branch off a tree somewhere 80 yards hence. Smoke never could shoot straight
After a night with the boys. And that is there a truth telling in this
Story ain’t no one made up but lived as living was
In Wyomin’ , way back in 1869,
When it was the first of all states to give womens the right to vote
Proving there is fairness in the hearts of its thorny citizens
Buffeted by such weather as makes fierce in lion
Look right pussycat.

Sady McClurahan,
Wife to old Smokey Joe