Aimea Storms Arrival

Statistical Perturbations

part of: SphinxWorld

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

Dedicated to Bill and Shawn.

Experiencing is at random, within and between the cells of any given organism. That randomness is simple thermodynamic motion. Reference quantum physics for even deeper levels of thermodynamics.

Yes, within the cell there are many scales of time and size, amplitude and magnitude.The complex laws of probability well describe the patterns that can be expected in any such systems of orthogonal and non-orthogonally aligned vectors, which is the defacto set of variables impacting all living beings, within which they must survive. These vectors can be measured as motion (change through time) occurring in measurable or reliably detectable patterns. I postulate these patterns will be unique to each system if sample rates are high enough to detect a pattern of n-duration per msec resulting from 1) controlled perturbations of variables known to participate in and affect the system, 2) system homeostatic operations, 3) unique responses to each system perturbation.