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by Teresa Dunyati-Long , From the Internet

The Non-profit organization, Tariro (, supplies school fees, uniforms, and supplies to orphaned or HIV-affected girls in Zimbabwe. This is an important lifeline for these young people, who otherwise may die or have their many gifts of mind, body and spirit go to waste. Africa is struggling to enter the global economy. Many African nations are fighting for their very lives. Educating females has been shown to be a strong stimulus to local economies worldwide. Every person we can help stablizes the community of souls within which they live out their days. Stable communities lead to stable countries. Stable countries make for a stable globe….but it all starts with each of us organizing, donating, working together.

I have had the privilege to become acquainted with the Tariro community of souls and watch them doing their important world-work. They are for real. They are achieving results one girl at a time. Check them out. Write them a check if you can.

This is their blog:

The first entry details why the founder, Jennifer Kyker, has devoted her life to this important work.

You can also visit Tariro at Twitter:
and Facebook