Aimea Saul ~ departure

Three Kinds of Dance

part of: Purest Conjecture

by From the Internet

“There are three kinds of dancers: 1) those who consider dancing a sort of gymnastic drill, made up of impersonal and graceful arabesques; 2) those who, by concentrating their minds, lead the body into the rhythm of a desired emotion, expressing a remembered feeling or experience; 3) and finally, those who convert the body into a luminous fluidity, surrendering it to the inspiration of the soul.” Isadora Duncan

….the soul in the moment is the body unfolding from within, caressed by notes carried on sincere passions, whether sorrow, tenderness, or joy….we cannot move that openly if confined by notions restricting the flowering of our movements, emotions, senses, heartbeats and inspirations….as in to take everything in, process it, return it changed, as we have been changed by its concatenation with our own existence!