Sharron Emrich ~ Garden Reflection

Virginia Asks the Oracle About Death

part of: Phenomenological Report

by Madame Oracle , The Archives of Raynah

“Well sweetheart, death exists because major upgrades to DNA/RNA symbionts must occur,” old Oracle replied.

“But, what do you mean, major upgrades?” Virginia retorted, not a little put out with old Oracle, who was wont to wander in her mind rather more frequently than in the World outside.

“Oh darling, it is clear is it not? Epigenetic upgrades can handle some changes in environment, but O2 content of ambient environments….we all know the upgrades that requires and how often Earth environments have changed on that fundamental basis!” old Oracle murmured.

“Oh, right,” Virginia mused, mollified for that moment…“but what has that to do with death!” she pounded!

“Darling, each generation is a response to that which is already in the past, thus the need for birth…but the older husks housing the DNA/RNA symbionts….they have served the needs of Life by passing on the symbiont….which lives in a new ‘upgraded’ form in subsequent generations….do you not see the utility in that procedure,” old Oracle asked gently.

…..Virginia could only but muse….