Terry Calen ~ 2001 16 450

What is Sanctuary?

part of: The Wanderers

by Lora of Many Generations

The Sanctuary of the Wanderers is the Dark Side of Humanity. That Dark Side is simply the maps our brain makes from primary sensory stimuli and system-wide processing of those stimuli in the context of experience. From this derives the idea that each brain-style living creature has its own unique set of ‘Dark Side’ maps from which it operates. Wanderers regard humans as brain-style creatures with enormous potential for deliberate Dark Side creation. They feel this is a gift and a responsibility. As a response to the idea of each human life as potential, gift, and responsibility, Wanderers devised the Seven Arts of living in the context of a desire to maximize human experience along the lines of their three cardinal virtues: courage, clarity and compassion. It was their belief that being able to maximize the unique potential, gift, and responsibility of all individuals required the Ten Daily Practices:

1. Innerwork at Dawn and Dusk
a. Breathwork
b. Bodywork
c. Meditation
2. Simplicity
3. Cleanliness
4. Communication
a. Honesty
5. Service
6. Exploration
7. Reverence
8. Persistence
9. Gifting
a. Giving
b. Receiving
10. Kindness

It was believed these practices created the Sanctuary State of Mind. The Sanctuary State of Mind simply acknowledges that each individual must be granted Sanctuary. That Sanctuary is an extension to each individual the right to dictate absolutely what will be done to their person—their body, emotions, and mind. Such an idea of Sanctuary had been invoked in Old Europe in Old Christian buildings. At one point in history, any person could seek sanctuary within the confines of a Church. That right has been long abandoned by secular and sacred institutions of the Old Euro-US cultural complex. The idea was borrowed from that old practice and applied to each individual, the church part being each individual’s own body.