Aimea Lunar Reconstruction

What we know

part of: The Ongoing

by Teresa Dunyati-Long

We know that we think about everything.

We all do…think about everything that is. We do that. And we iterate that, like I’m doing right now. If you keep following, eventually the path I lead you through information, ideas, thoughts, experiments, motivations, and affect will reveal the underlying matrix of my particular whole system output.

Plainly said, integration of cross-correlation domains of event epicenters in terms of microcircuit recruitment viz a vie system-wide goals is always filled with the noise of partially processed perceptual inputs in the presence of basal ganglia-mediated relational matrix comparisons of possible yes/no’s with respect to affect weighting summations. I hypothesize there is potential for serious noise in such whole-brain event-related outputs.

That’s all I’m saying. But, having said that….