Archer~ Blue Explosion

Willing to judge and be judged

part of: Postcards to the World

by Celeste Roth

It often happens in airports. I am tempted to leave trash on the floor or in chairs. For my own ease and convenience. Lately I’m more torn because doing that doesn’t meet my need for consideration (of others who come later or who have to clean it up). I’ve been thinking about this ease/consideration need and I’ve been picking up after myself more in airports. Consideration was winning out over ease. This happened last week at O’Hare. I got up to walk to the next gate with my carry-on to throw a sack of stuff away before boarding. I noticed the lady across from me had left her soup container on the floor. Just like I used to do. I looked at it and I judged her “She’s meeting her need for ease, she hasn’t progressed to being more swayed by consideration.” I felt myself judging her and realizing that others had judged me in the past. All of a sudden I had a new feeling. I was willing to be judged, by anyone, about anything. Just as I had judged the lady who left the soup container. I realized that not wanting to be judged leads us to try to suppress our own judgments. It was an amazing moment when I felt, with clarity, a full willingness to both judge and be judged. It was extremely liberating and peaceful. I am no longer limited by fear of the judgment of others. I no longer need to feel guilty for being judgmental. It’s just in my (our) nature. Everyone who judges me comes from their own life. They have their own perspective. They are judging me from that point of view and I really don’t need to worry about it. The judgment is really something they are making for themselves, and it’s ok. There is no harm, I realized. I am willing to judge and be judged. It’s very safe.