Shepherd -- Lora

Year's End, Western Year of Our Lives, 2010

part of: Phenomenological Report

by The Archives of Raynah , Urvashi Long

It is today, as it has been today before. Time as we understand it extends back billions of years to the beginning of the Universe. Its birth is thought to be an explosion of…. what? Matter and energy when before there was….. what? We have some blanks left to fill in. This matters not. We live. This we know, for we are here right now in this space encountering each other in this way. This cannot be denied. This is indeed the most important blank we fill in…. we’re filling it in right now because that is who we are….multi-cellular sentient creatures dwelling together on Planet Earth, blue among the Stars. Yes…each of us really is a collection of intelligent molecules interacting with each other to produce this life we feel from inception until death… then relaxation of the bonds holding our molecules in close proximity to each other break…life as an experience ceases…but until then we are alive and here. From here, we may indeed go many places, see and feel many things. Do. Do until….we die. This is the way it is and… really is okay.